What really matters to us

dakotaIt has come to my attention that certain individuals have been trying to discredit Dakota Meyer in an attempt to bring attention, a sense of relief and/or money to themselves.

I would like to point out that some of the information they have is based on details from the reporter that was there when the ambush started.  This reporter did allow the ambush to get attention and not get swept under the rug, for that I think we are all grateful.

However, the reporter was removed from the site early in the battle.  He was not present during the time Meyer, Swenson, Fabayo and Chavez went in to try to find their missing Marines and Corpsman.  He was not present to count how many people were saved.  No one counted.  It was a fire-fight.  It was a battle.  It was CHAOS!

These certain individuals are hellbent on discrediting Dakota and are stuck on facts that are irrelevant.  They are also mad at the fact that Dakota was awarded the Medal of Honor based on actions that defied orders.  Those actions weighed heavily on why he DID get the MoH!  He acted like a true Marine, a true American, and he acted above and beyond on that day.  His brothers on the battlefield also acted above and beyond.  Dakota never said he deserved or even wanted this attention or the Medal of Honor.  He never said he did anything his brothers wouldn't have done or didn't do.  He acknowledged that others there deserved the Medal as well, based on the actions during that fight.

I have read the 15-6 and will be reviewing it again to see where each person interviewed listed how many people were saved by the actions of those men that went into a dangerous situation and the actions of Dakota to get to his brothers and give them the help they needed, and then, when he discovered that they had already been killed, to get the bodies of his fallen brothers out of the enemy's reach.  I'm pretty sure that there was never a number of people saved given, or asked, in the 15-6 investigation.  Why not?  Because it doesn't matter.

What matters is that Dakota's actions brought the bodies of his friends, James, Aaron, Michael and Edwin, back to their families when many others wouldn't have risked their own lives to do the same.

Discrediting others for personal gain, whether it's money or a temporary feeling of being "right" or vindicated, will not bring back those that were lost.

I'd hate to see what they are going to do to Swenson when he is finally awarded his MoH.

Is this really how our heroes deserve to be treated?  This whole thing is reminding me of how our Vietnam Vets were treated after giving their lives and souls for their country.  Ungrateful people in the media (I won't even call them Americans because they don't deserve it) made the Vietnam Vets lives, that were already a living hell, even worse when they returned home, just so they (the media that started the negative propaganda condemning our troops) could sell magazines or pictures or newspapers.  Now these recent individuals would make Dakota and Will's lives more of a hell than they already are, just so they can sell some newspapers and get a misguided sense of vindication.

Our heroes deserve to be honored, not picked apart for insignificant details about an event no one wants to remember, where no one was there to keep count, where these guys were just doing what they were trained to do while trying to keep themselves and their buddies alive.

I'm pretty sure that none of those lost, including those lost early in the battle, would challenge the medals that the men who rushed in to try to save them received, or endorse the actions of those loved ones left behind that hurt their battle brothers.  They would have been proud of their brothers and given a big "Oorah!" and "Hooah!" and then bought everyone a round!