About this website

This website is meant to share information. The families of some of these fallen heroes are keeping this information circulating in an attempt to keep this from happening to any more of our US Military Personnel.
Those that were killed were refused support and reprimands were supposedly given to three individuals.  Then it was two.  Eventually the two remaining reprimands will probably disappear and those responsible for denying support will go on with their lives and be able to leave more lives of US Military Personnel in danger of being abandoned when they need help the most.

What, you may ask, is a reprimand?  About.com explains it this way:
"Admonitions and Reprimands. The only difference between an admonition and a reprimand is the degree of censor. A reprimand is more severe than an admonition. As with counseling, admonitions and reprimands can be verbal or can be in writing. When they are in writing, they are often referred to as a " Letter of Reprimand," or a "Letter of Admonition," or sometimes a " Letter of Caution."

Unlike counseling, admonitions and reprimands are "censors." It means one did something wrong and one is getting chewed out for it. Records of admonitions and reprimands can be filed and later used to justify more serious measures, such as nonjudicial punishment actions, administrative demotions, and administrative separations."

Does that sound comparable punishment for someone who has chosen to neglect their duties and by doing so has cost the lives of 3 US Marines, 1 Navy Corpsman and 1 US Army Soldier?  Their wives, children, parents, and families don't think so.  They also know that far too many reprimands are rescinded and no punishment at all takes place.

If there is no punishment, then this will happen again.  It has happened many times before.  What is it going to take to make sure it doesn't happen again?

This brings us back to the purpose of this site.  It is to share and circulate information in order to help prevent anyone else from dying for this same reason.

The site is a collection of articles and news related to this incident.