Dishonoring the families of the Ganjgal fallen

This was written after far too many nights with no sleep due to the actions of those that feel the need to attack others for no reason.   I had to speak up again.   For those that haven't been involved with this nightmare for long and are offended by my only comment:   Get over it.   If you are offended, you are more than likely one of the problems.   The vicious and negative actions of a few effect every member of the families of the fallen in that battle, from parents, spouses, grandparents, children, siblings and significant others.   When one is upset, all are upset.   This has gone on long enough, it has caused unmeasurable pain and it is totally unnecessary.   There is no visible goal, unless it is to inflict pain to the point of giving up on life.   If that is your intention, then you are barking up the wrong tree.   Those kids that died were raised by members of these families.   They got their balls from them.   Don't underestimate their strength in the face of an attack.   And this whole thing is an attack on the families of those that died at Ganjgal, no matter how much you lie to yourself and say it's not.

It occurred to me that this giant clusterfuck really could be part of a smoke and mirrors campaign.   It would make sense.   I'd really like to believe that no one can be so cruel as to really want those they have judged and condemned for remembering things wrong, or those that aren't supporting their point of view to die.   Right?   Seriously.   What other outcome could they want?   Not one person that they are hurting has ever done anything to them.   Their actions are more like a schoolyard gang acting like what is the intention of a bully?   Make themselves feel better, feel important, make their own pain go away?   I think that's why bullies are bullies.   I'm guessing here so if you have another reason, please let me know.   

So, it's a big Smoke and Mirrors Clusterfuck.   How does that work?   Let me explain:

Ingredients for a Clusterfuck, as defined by me: 

  1. One Ambush in Ganjgal, Afghanistan where the Army refused to send in air support that was determined, by an official investigation, would have almost definitely kept 3 Marines and a Corpsman alive

  2. One MoH Recipient with memories that conflict with his official statements on both of the investigations*

  3. Two MoH Recipients with memories that conflict with one single point of view camera in the middle of a battle*
  4. One pissed off widow with a controversial death that was abandoned by the Army
  5. One pissed off MoH Recipient who had his MoH recommendation packet lost by the Army
One pissed off reporter who acted like he deserved a book deal

Add it together and you have a small group of angry people directing their attention in the wrong place.

You have One MoH Recipient (second to receive it) and Two Civilians attacking the first MoH Recipient for memories that the neither MoH Recipients are real clear on.   And Why?   

I'm going to speculate that all the hatred for ignoring multiple requests for lifesaving air support, the lost MoH paperwork, lack of assistance from the Army after the battle, after the death of a Soldier...that all points at the Army being the responsible party that should be accountable for their actions.   But the bitter miserable reporter is acting like the Army's tool, directly or indirectly, and stirring up insignificant matters that are keeping the focus off of the true problem with this whole affair:   The Army's actions caused the death of at least 4 people, possibly 5.  

The Army is the only one gaining anything out of this, with possible exception of the reporter, whom I expect is gaining monetarily from his job and possibly the Army, off the whole debacle.     

What is the real result of this hatred fueled attack?   Those three are hurting the families of those lost in the battle.   The families get dragged into it again and again.   They are opening old wounds that should be allowed to start healing.   There is no reason for anyone to attack them but this group of misguided souls is doing just that.

I have only seen one member of that group mentioned above do anything at all to honor the fallen of that battle, to honor others, to make the world a better place with their actions.   And now the bitter group are enlisting others in their attack to take down any good that came from that battle. 

This was an opportunity to honor those that died, and all they have done is dishonor the fallen and their families.   I truly believe that those that died in that battle would be disgusted by their actions, the attacks on their brother.   

*   note:   neither MoH Recipients accounts are exactly as it happened, but I would wager that in any battle, things are never remembered quite like they really happened.   You are too busy focusing on what will save your life and the next guy is busy focusing on what will save his life.   I doubt both are focusing on the same thing.