Lexington Newspaper harasses American Hero from Ganjgal Ambush - Please join me in telling this paper what we think of this!!

While the military world knows to ignore the sensationalized media stories that get released, civilians aren't usually so aware of what really goes on in the military world.   People don't know the truth when media sources such as the Lexington Herald allow stories attacking Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer, a story that is full of "facts" that are not substantiated by reliable sources, to be published on it's pages it's guilty of the same acts of harassment committed by the reporter that wrote the article.

Prior to this story being released, I emailed Rufus Friday, President of the Lexington Herald, to ask him to please not allow the release of such irresponsible stories about this American hero that lives within it's own reader area and whose family and neighbors receive this paper on their front porches.  His response was to forward my email to the editor, Peter Baniak, who returned the email with the comment "I'm not aware that he has another story coming."  And then they published the story when they received it, two days after 9-11 and one day after the attack on Americans in Libya.

These two men knew that this article was full of information that was speculation at best, and not verifiable.  They knew that they were potentially causing a stressful situation to someone we owe nothing but gratitude to.  They have also caused emotional stress to some of the families of the fallen that Sgt. Meyer recovered.

Please join me in writing, emailing or calling the people responsible for causing this extended amount of grief to people who definitely do not deserve it. Let Mr. Friday know what you think about them publishing stories that are harmful and can't be proven by reliable sources.

Lexington Herald
Rufus Friday, President & Publisher
100 Midland Avenue, Lexington, KY
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Baniak, Peter, Editor & Vice President
100 Midland Avenue, Lexington, KY
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Reporter responsible for writing these articles:

Jonathan Landay
McClatchey News
700 12th Street NW, Suite 1000, Washington, D.C. 20005
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Before you say, "It's the media, what can you really do to make it stop?" think about this...what could a handful of people in a newly discovered country do when England was treating them unfairly?  They figured out a solution and fixed the problem!  I believe the solution to this problem is for people to stand up and make the people responsible for bad media sources accountable for their actions.  It's time we stop letting things go because it's not worth the effort. Stop letting media control the attitude and direction of our country. Our country is always worth the effort!