Reporter still attacks Medal of Honor recipient, interviews enemy for "proof" this time

Once again, a reporter (the same one, who doesn't even deserve to have his name mentioned again) has attacked Dakota Meyer and his Medal of Honor.  This time he's gone too far.

The reporter has gone to Afghanistan to interview members of the Afghan National Army to "prove" that the actions outlined in the Medal of Honor narrative are incorrect. 

Who exactly did he interview?  He interviewed the three individuals that went into the village just ahead of four Americans that were killed in the ambush. 

My questions is this:  How did those first three guys into the ambush, that happen to be Afghans, come out of that alive when the men entering the village behind them died? 

I'm not the only one who thinks this is suspicious.  This whole ambush was set up and most certainly required help from within.  These three men were probably the ones that were in on the ambush.  They probably signalled to the Taliban to let them know it was time to unleash Hell on our troops.

So the reporter publishes two articles this week, which on it's own was incredibly distasteful and insensitive to our country considering what was going on.  One article gives "credibility" to these ANA members by having them describe how heroic the ETT members that died were, and the second uses that fabricated "credibility" as proof that the events that were documented by multiple US Military members did not occur.

So, the reporter gets paid by his parent company to sneak into Afghanistan and goes to who could be the enemy, very likely the very people responsible for the deaths of 5 Americans, to get "proof" to use in his personal attack on a Medal of Honor Recipient and the United States Marine Corps. 

I'm not so much concerned about our Military community knowing that this reporter is spewing nothing but hatred, misinformation and lies.  I've been informed that no one takes him seriously.  HOWEVER, this man publishes these lies in papers that Dakota's family have delivered on their doorsteps.  They have to exist in a town that doesn't know that the reporter is lying. 

That is why I keep trying to get the truth out there in response to his articles.  And I will not stop until the reporter stops spreading lies.