Did reporter kill the chances for a second MOH recipient out of the Ganjgal Ambush?

I can not begin to guess the reason why Jonathan Landay, a McClatchey New reporter, would publish multiple articles that try to discredit both Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient, and the United States Marine Corps. Many of his previous articles were published under the guise of shedding light on the Swenson MoH not being awarded yet.

However, if Jonathan Landay had really had Will Swenson's best interests in mind, he would have enlisted the help of Dakota Meyer, and the others that were supporting Landay's efforts, to work together and put pressure on the Army to get Will's MoH packet through it's process before time ran out. I'm sure many people would have happily helped kick the process in the butt to get it to it's final destination...the President's Desk.

What Landay ultimately did was create a chaotic mess of negativity all aimed at Dakota, all so Landay could sell his articles. Clearly, the only interest Landay had in any of this was his own.

Landay had really been helping the Army for the most part. The Army was probably very relieved to have all the light focused on Dakota and the USMC right now. As far as this whole mess is concerned, the bottom line is that the Army screwed up and the Army got people killed. The Army probably does not want the details that they created for Will Swenson's MoH narrative out in public for it to be compared to Dakota's. I have not seen Swenson's narrative but I'm willing to bet it leaves out quite a bit of what really happened, only to cover the Army's collective behind.

Landay repeatedly pointed out that both narratives were different and that he wanted explanations for that. He repeatedly shared information that was considered a private process. I really think that Landay pushed this so far that the Army put the brakes on the MoH process just to cover their own butts. They lost Swenson's packet once before and the USMC got it kickstarted again...who says they can't lose it again?

The deadline has passed for Swenson, and I have no idea what the process is now. You can be sure though that Landay will not just go away. I feel that his true intentions of discrediting Dakota and the Medal of Honor will be visible again very soon.